New Website Please

Go here: howiedoo.tumblr.com. this one is terminated. I know it's been a ridiculous dry spell, but i am making strides at putting out This is Howie Doo/Chinese Democracy, and I've also started work on a new book called Feels Like An Eternity. Believe me, it does. Check out the next issue of Mome for a tidbit of never before seen Howie Doo stuff, and then keep six on a book coming soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon


March 2010

well, ain't i a liar? autumn has sprung, and not a peep about the new doo. before, i was sort of making up release dates, but this time it looks like it's for realsies going down, this time March 2010 with D&Q. shit, I am slowly becoming the Axl Rose of comic book guys...


Come Hell or Highwater

This comic is gonna be quadruple the size it was originally slated to be, and it's going to come out in the fall, or else. Initially I was gonna do an issue-based serial book, but what with the "fickle economy", I've decided I'm going to spend the next few months drawing and put that and all the archival material into one big 100+ page shitpile of "Doo"-dads. So I'll see you in the fall.


Uncle Fungal Pt. 2

Here's the 2nd part of the Doo pre-view, just to let you know I'm still breathing.
A few days left in the Europe tour, and then I'm gonna come home and put this to bed.
Late spring release, so help me gods.


Twit Talk

I hate how technological advances on the web* are giving rise to really dorky names. Twitter, Google, Facebook. I spend most of my life talking like a total idiot. Anyway, I'm doing this twitter thing. It's a fast, easy way to send quick updates such as "Howie Doo is out now!" or "the new solo record got 0 stars in Spleen Magazine".
I'll be tweeting (cue eye roll) at twitter.com/nickfromislands

*web is a good exmaple


When You're This Popular, they Kall you Mr. Popular

This is Howie Doo

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Gus 'Tude, the Moody Dude


Beamz Me Up

Put away your laser harp, and stop trying to replicate the sound of a bassoon on your keyboard, because the real future of "the musical instrument" is on the scene and it's shattering sound barriers. This isn't your grandfather's acoustic guitar, and it's not your nephew's modular synthesizer. It's called Beamz and even the Asian girl who just got off her Kawasaki motor scooter can play these shits:


Actual Comic Book On Paper That You Can Touch Coming Shortly

Sore-y (Sawry for those Americans listening) about the gaps between posts. I'm not even uploading a comic book with this post, so that's doubly sad. Anyyyyyway, the good news is that I'm going to start charging you to look at these pictures. The doubly good news is that it will come to you in good old fashioney print form sometime later this year, and it will be called This is Howie Doo and it will contain thousands upon thousands of drawings you've never seen before ever. That's all I'm legally required to tell you at this point. Anything else is heresay and filthy rumour. Below is proof that it's really me who does the drawing. If you squint your eyes and turn your monitor upside down, you can perchance catch a glimpse of scenes from one of the stronger serials.


"Oh Well"ian

oh well it seems that the prizes of bloggy were annonced and they guess who did not win? MY! I cannot believe it. I am broken heart. I guess that is true what say- If you are blog of gonna, you better- I has skin gross! In other news, seems to Magazine of Vices will be doing a new Breeding called magazine of "Dude Stud Pix 40 +" and they have asked that a comedian in the back cover did me. So all he is not lost! Phewf!


Bloggy Awards Annonced!

i cant belieave it i was nonimated for a bloggy wawar"d worst blog ever!"
such a honour i cant belieave it i am so tankful to all the people who read this blog every day i know i dont update it enough i know i should be better about it but igess even tho i havent been the best about keeping things update i still might win they annonced the nomaintors and i was won of them! i am nonominated for an award "worst blog ever!"
2007 rules


Note to Self

I have just finished "zeroxing" the newest and the latest comix. But instead of putting them up on this website for free, I'm gonna start sending them around to publishers so I can sell them for a lot of money. Kind of like the way Radiohead did it.
Stay tuuuuunnneeeeddddddd


Everyday is a Holly-day

From the Coroner's Report dated Feb. 4, 1959

Personal effects, Charles Holley (Buddy Holly)

Cash $193.00 less $11.65 coroner's fees - $181.35
2 cuff links, silver 1/2 in. balls having jeweled band Top portion of ball point pen.


How Stella Got Her Groove Back

I just unloaded 5 comics (1 two-parter) from my old sketch book made last fall. seeeeeeeeeeeee beloooooooooooooooow.
My well had run dry in the past few months, so now that i'm finally off of life support I'll be making the effort to be more productive in the coming weeks. And there's still a back-log of mediocre strips to draw from, so stay peeled and keep sweet.


Back in the Blazing Saddle

Golly gosh gee whiz sorry it's been so long. Hello? If you're indeed out there, please be patient, 'cos this is the week of reckoning and I reckon it'll be good. I'll probably upload the comics I was working at around the same time as the ones that are up here right now (even though I'm not really feeling them now) and get back into the drawing mode. It's nice to be back- i was out of town for 2 months if anyone's wondering why everything went to molasses.