March 2010

well, ain't i a liar? autumn has sprung, and not a peep about the new doo. before, i was sort of making up release dates, but this time it looks like it's for realsies going down, this time March 2010 with D&Q. shit, I am slowly becoming the Axl Rose of comic book guys...


Come Hell or Highwater

This comic is gonna be quadruple the size it was originally slated to be, and it's going to come out in the fall, or else. Initially I was gonna do an issue-based serial book, but what with the "fickle economy", I've decided I'm going to spend the next few months drawing and put that and all the archival material into one big 100+ page shitpile of "Doo"-dads. So I'll see you in the fall.


Uncle Fungal Pt. 2

Here's the 2nd part of the Doo pre-view, just to let you know I'm still breathing.
A few days left in the Europe tour, and then I'm gonna come home and put this to bed.
Late spring release, so help me gods.


Twit Talk

I hate how technological advances on the web* are giving rise to really dorky names. Twitter, Google, Facebook. I spend most of my life talking like a total idiot. Anyway, I'm doing this twitter thing. It's a fast, easy way to send quick updates such as "Howie Doo is out now!" or "the new solo record got 0 stars in Spleen Magazine".
I'll be tweeting (cue eye roll) at twitter.com/nickfromislands

*web is a good exmaple