Actual Comic Book On Paper That You Can Touch Coming Shortly

Sore-y (Sawry for those Americans listening) about the gaps between posts. I'm not even uploading a comic book with this post, so that's doubly sad. Anyyyyyway, the good news is that I'm going to start charging you to look at these pictures. The doubly good news is that it will come to you in good old fashioney print form sometime later this year, and it will be called This is Howie Doo and it will contain thousands upon thousands of drawings you've never seen before ever. That's all I'm legally required to tell you at this point. Anything else is heresay and filthy rumour. Below is proof that it's really me who does the drawing. If you squint your eyes and turn your monitor upside down, you can perchance catch a glimpse of scenes from one of the stronger serials.