3 Hollywood Proposals

Road Chip: (based on true events) A mother and daughter dramedy. Louise and her daughter Margaret are watching late night TV when, in the midst of absent mindedly eating a big package of chips, they remove a chip that has, to their surprise, the face of the "Virgin Mary" (or Osama Bin Laden). They end up on the local news network and the cover of the two local newspapers in their very sleepy town. A casino owner in Las Vegas catches wind of this whimsical chip-tale, and offers them 3 million dollars for the fried potato- provided they can deliver it to him in person in 3 days.

Friendly Fire: a US soldier (Owen Wilson) befriends an Iraqi man and realizes the awful consequences of a corrupt war, before it's too late? Ben Stiller cameos as himself, sent to entertain the troops.

Charmed, I'm Sure: (based on true events) an Indian woman in a tiny village 50 miles outside of Bombay finds her long sickness seemingly cured after befriending a dangerous serpent, whom she meets unexpectedly under a tree one day. A marraige is arranged in the town square, but the snake is too nervous and remains in his snake hole. A wooden replica is used as a stand-in, but the woman remains loyal until the snake turns on her.


Bang Lime said...

road chip is genius, can i help you make this movie please.

Frank from U.N.C.L.E. said...

I like them all.

How 'bout this one?

Priest With An Attitude (based on an untrue story)

A wild and crazy motorcycle riding priest becomes a protecter of prostitutes and fights crime in Harlem (or Vancouver's Downtown Eastside) wielding a Crucifix, Ninja style.