Freak Hole, 2 pages of yucks


Mom said...

Hey Nick,

Not so yucky at all,
But with everyone with two heads, shouldn't everyone be happy at the end?


Nick S. Thorburn said...

really? my mom?
I meant yucks like "yuks".
Did you mean "two heads are better than one?" I didn't even think of that punchline! Dammit.

Mom said...

Hey! Neither did I!
What I guess I meant was that in the beginning the world is divided between 'cool' and 'uncool' people and in the end everyone is both cool AND uncool. Very democratic. Maybe Marxist. Who knows. Yuck yuck yuck


Mom said...

AND 'Oh so dualistic'...
(Good Band Name)

A Manichean Priest

Anonymous said...

Shut up mom.


Alex said...

This comic is soooooo funny!!!

Mom said...

Hey my anonymous son,

Past your bedtime,
Your late for incest.

Alaska said...

Diamonds, this is great. I need a coloring book.